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Nora Ruzsics & Emmerich Weissenberger
Exhibition & Residency:
April 1 – May 30, 2015

Nora Ruzsics and Emmerich Weissenberger, are currently working on an international and intercultural art project which started on October 9, 2014. They travel along the migration line, starting from Colombia northwards to the “promised land”, ending in the US/California. They have been visiting villages of peace, social welfare projects, scientific camps, cooperating museums, as well as artists along the route. Through the exchange with local people artworks and art interventions on a peacemaking and scientific basis will be created.
Ruzsics and Weissenberger are on this journey as artists,  partners, and parents. The experiences on the journey are reflected from these different point of views:
• What does it need that makes people sustainable? 
• Wherein lies the Good, the True, and the Beautiful?
• What models of human and collective action serve as good role models and effective signals?

SIGNALS are artworks that are being created during this journey and will be brought to Austria and other countries as the ART EMBASSY, a documentary film recorded of the journey. It is important to the artists, that current messages will be constantly brought to cooperating partners in Austria and Europe during the journey by communicating with fixed cooperating organizations, via radio broadcasts (interviews, reports etc.) and an online blog to bring the messages to the people. The journey, which is being conducted like a pilgrimage, ends in Los Angeles in May 2015 with the art exhibition SIGNALS, representing  the spirit of equality, freedom and brotherhood.

Nora Ruzsics was born in 1974 in Hungary. She currently lives and works in Vienna and is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She creates audio-visual work as documentaries combined with dialogue, visual and performing arts, music, and storytelling.

Nora Ruzsics Website

Emmerich Weissenberger was born in 1966 in Graz, Austria. He currently lives and works in Vienna and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Emmerich is a painter, sculptor, actionist, and is the founder of the Rosasturm Art Laboratory for Sustainable Development.

Emmerich Weissenberger Website

Nora Ruzsics and Emmerich Weissenberger’s residency is made possible by Art Embassy – Signals for the Promised Land.

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