Nikolaj Recke
February 1 – April 29, 2019

Nikolaj Recke is an artist based in Denmark whose practice has been called “emotional conceptualism,” and his re-enactments of land art and art history have characterized his work from the beginning. Recke invests his subjectivity (as an artist and a person) in the encounters with the works–not to return to narcissistic self-reflection–but to open these works to the levels of emotional experience that they have traditionally been dissociated from, and expand their intellectual and formal horizons even further with aesthetics involving self-irony, wit, politics, consciousness, and a romantic sense of beauty.

Lately, Recke tries to expand the concepts of land art to engage with the artistic migration of material, places, and stories. These are played out through interventions in landscapes that have extraordinary historic, political and material properties; and create structures that open the space for innovative rediscovery rather than territorialize it. Recke believes that art points to future worlds where land is defined by transgressive expressions rather than by exclusive power.

Recke’s residency is generously supported by the Danish Arts Council.

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