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Midori Harima
Past Artist In Residence

Midori Harima

Midori Harima is a Japanese artist who was born in Japan but now works and lives in Queens, NY.  She makes installations with black and white Xeroxed images found in books, magazines and on the internet, which she then shapes into three-dimensional forms. These hollow figures constructed with the fragments of ordinary mass media images correspond to our managed and disconnecting experience of reality. Growing up in post-WWII Japan, Harima was subject to numerous superficial American influences that lacked any genuine connection to Japanese tradition. As a result, her art deals with a lost sense of identity and ways in which individuals can coexist with fundamental contradictions. In 2006, Harima had the opportunity to join 18th Street as an artist in residence through the Mill Atelier Foundation.


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Director of Communications & Outreach
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