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Melinda Smith Altshuler
Airport Campus

For Melinda Smith Altshuler, art making is a method of note taking and messaging. She works with translucent materials, like the stained papers of teabags, and paint mediums combined with appropriated objects in installations and sculptural forms. The quality of translucency embodies her relentless search for truth, and her work re-fashions cast-off or used objects in order to imbue them with new histories. Altshuler plays with dichotomies that echo the immigrant histories of our ancestors, leaving shadows, tracks, and blockages that are made new through light, planes, and flow. Altshuler trained with classical artist Samuel Markitanté, a Russian Jew of Italian heritage who survived WWII.

Altshuler exhibits nationally and internationally including participation in the Jerusalem Biennale. She has had solo exhibitions at Valerie Vorres Gallery in San Francisco, Bandini Gallery in Culver City, California and Palazzo Dei Consoli Gubbio in Italy. Other notable international exhibitions of her work have taken place in Musée Atelier ADZAK in Paris, France; Gubbio, Italy; and Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo in San Jose, Costa Rica. Altshuler’s work can be found in museums and private collections. She attended Cal State University Northridge, UCLA, and Art Center, studying both Art and Anthropology. Melinda Smith Altshuler has also taught studio arts at middle, high school and university level, and has served on the boards of arts organizations such as SITE, an artist’s non-profit organization; and JAI, Jewish Artists Initiative. 

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