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Mary-Lynn & Carlo Massoud
September 7-29, 2021

Marylynn Massoud’s creations focus on distortions and imperfections, the natural results of a handmade approach. Having studied ceramics at France’s La Manufacture de Sevres, her work shifts between architectural interiors, sculptural pieces, and homeware. Carlo Massoud is a designer and architect with a multidisciplinary studio based in Beirut. He creates unique interiors through a close collaboration with clients, mixing vintage pieces, bespoke objects, and architectural elements. The Massoud siblings have been experimenting with innovative approaches to common objects since 2016. Their hands-on approach is guided by fun and trial and error. Every collection brings together the clashing yet harmonizing styles of the brother and sister duo, with Marylynn’s handmade ceramic work complementing Carlo’s careful pre-production obsession. This residency is generously supported by the House of Today.

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