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Mark Spencer
Past Artist In Residence

Mark Spencer | painter and visual artist

Born in Boston, Mark Spencer is a painter and visual artist who has exhibited in galleries, museums and exhibitions throughout the United States for over three decades. His work manipulates time, suspending linear thought, leading the viewer into contemporary imagery and archetypes. Spencer forthrightly infuses his works with meaning, narrative and a sense of the joy and frailty of human existence. His monotypes, possessing a mystery and evocative quality found more often in painting, are highly technical feats of craft and aesthetic. Spencer believes his “art is about transformation. It’s about rites of passage. It’s about the ineffable mystery underlying what we take for granted. It’s about the constant, unrelenting change and growth of our time. It’s about the Divine in the mundane.”

Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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