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Marina Day
Local Artist In Residence
18th Street Campus

Marina Day’s art making is a meditative form of experience and communication. She forms materials that are fragmentary yet familiar; old maps, prescriptions, ledgers, stamps, fabrics, children’s game pieces, journals. Her collages are missives documenting the precarious preciousness of life. Every scrap is used as evidence. Marina Day is represented by the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York. She attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Her work is in the permanent collection at J. Thomas McCarthy Library at the Mount St. Mary’s Doheny Campus in Los Angeles. A catalogue raisonné of her work, Marina Forstmann Day: Under the Dressing Table or, Lifting My Skirt, was published by Carmelina Press in 2018.

In 2018, 18th Street Arts Center presented a solo retrospective exhibition featuring the work of the long-time 18th Street Arts Center resident artist. Marina Day is a prolific artist in sculpture and mixed media collage with a body of work spanning over three decades. Day’s lifelong practice of art-making is reflected in a selection of works on paper and sculptures representing multiple bodies of work.

“For me art and life are inextricably entwined,” Day says of her work addressing themes of intimacy, loss, and social justice, and appropriating materials from the real world of objects that pass through her hands on a daily basis. She says of her practice, “As the process deepened it became my way of connecting conscious daily life with the numinous.” Day, who first exhibited her work publicly at the age of twelve, has maintained a studio at 18th Street Arts Center for nearly 20 years.

Artistic Director Anuradha Vikram says, “Marina Day’s artworks encapsulate a mid-century ethos that leaves nothing behind. Any material remnant, quotidian experience, or quiet personal storm is deserving of a gesture that acts at once as a journalistic record and as a flight of imagination.”


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