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Marie Markman 
February 1 – April 29, 2019

Marie Markman is a Danish artist that works with art projects combining dynamics of art and urban planning. Markman’s artistic interest primarily merges perspectives like native approaches towards landscape, and industrial farming and activist methods. During her residency at 18th Street Arts Center, Markman will make a site-specific art piece linking American and Danish art and landscape discussions. Since 2011, Markman has artistically challenged questions about beauty/aesthetics in new types of landscapes and in new contexts.  In 2017, she founded The Exploratory Research Laboratory / TERL, a place for subtle yet radical landscape experiments, and functions primarily as a meeting point between artists, researchers, farmers, laymen, and different kinds of professionals. TERL builds on curiosity and the vision of future collaborations all across the Atlantic. All of Markman’s recent work flows backwards from really basic impulses revolving around questions like, “How do I want to live?” and “What kind of future do I want to pass on to the next generations?”  Her work merges research, landscape, and art, revealing theoretical, practical, and professional challenges within urban development.

Besides her work as an artist and researcher, Markman is art adviser and has selected artists for more than thirty commissions integrating art in public spaces.

Markman’s residency is generously supported by the Danish Arts Council.

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