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M Susan Broussard 
Airport Campus

In the Venus Series I use maps in unexpected ways to take us on unexpected journeys. This series is a group of nine collages, all made from maps. The first three Venuses of this series were collaged from maps of my own travels in the Mediterranean. Maps often hold sentimental value, serving as reminders of places we’ve been or places we hope to visit throughout the planet. This series was inspired by the thrill of being surrounded by ancient artifacts and architecture. The figures and portraits created by ancient man inform me of mankind’s connectedness throughout millennia. This series honors Venus. Viewing ubiquitous ancient sculptures and artifacts of Venus throughout Greece and Italy underscores for me the connectedness of women throughout history. 

The Venuses in this series are represented by strong women with a renewed sense of agency not always seen in classical art. So as not to be identified as being authentic to any single country or geographical area, each Venus of this series bears a Latin name.

The nine Venus collages vary in size from 15 x 11 inches to 9 x 12 feet (38 x 27 cm to 274 x 365 cm).  

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