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M Susan Broussard 
Airport Campus

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a creative period for artist M Susan Broussard. As a figurative artist, suddenly in quarantine and no longer able to work with live models, her creative voice shifted and expanded. Now responding to our world’s health crisis, and to our nation’s racial and political crises, her work explores our connectedness, for better or for worse, as we collectively confront our new world. 

Using ink, chalk, and graphite, the Lockdown Series drawings reinterprets Greek and Roman mythology by referencing the drawings of masters and rearranging the figures to tell present-day mythology on subjects ranging from bullying to following the crowd. Reinterpreting the drawings of masters with exactness is meticulous and time-consuming work, which loaned itself beautifully to early lockdown as the world was put on pause, with no end in sight.

Simultaneously, she worked on US History (forgotten), a mixed media art piece that explores that artist’s disaffection at American schools not having taught basic US history pertaining to Native Americans, Columbus, founding fathers, slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction and more. Knowing the limits of this painting in telling the story she needed to share, this artwork has an accompanying  US History (forgotten) educational website, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

The Santa Monica based artist studied in the masters program at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Aside from working daily in her studio, since March 2020, she has created weekly technical and creative challenges for the art community. Her work can be seen in local exhibitions and online.

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US History Forgotten
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