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Lola Del Fresno 
Airport Campus

Lola Del Fresno is an Madrid-born artist based in Los Angeles, whose practices examine the myriad of meanings and references to the concept of Home. HOME is a project that explores and articulates the vastness of a singular place and psyche. Through her ethereal and translucent works, Del Fresno offers a real vision in the playback of an urban landscape, incorporating the human presence, and the footprint that the environment seals in our memory. She describes a world by combining fragmented images of landscapes, figures and architectural spaces to create multiple real size installations. Starting with a defragmentation of the structure of the city, Del Fresno continues to a study of spaces and social realities.

Del Fresno has exhibited internationally and nationally including exhibitions at galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Milan and New York. Her work is also shown in the permanent collection of the Ayllón Museum, Segovia, Spain. She studied at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid.

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