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Lisa Weiss
February 1-27, 2022

Lisa Weiss is an artist based in the Southern United States. Her practice includes mixed media, collage, painting, and drawing. Weiss’ work explores flow consciousness through mark making, patterning, gesture, momentary awareness while paring down to essentials. She is interested in meditative states of being and their relationship to non-objective, imperfect, and evolving forms. Her paintings are inspired by architecture, primitive art, symbols, metaphysics, and the practice of yoga. She is concerned for the state of the earth, the feminine wave, and the slow revolution of expanding consciousness.

Weiss received her MFA from Louisiana State University. Lisa has exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and is included in private collections internationally. She has been awarded many artist residencies during her career and has taught art at several State Universities. She currently is represented by a handful of galleries in America.

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