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Labkhand Olfatmanesh
Airport Campus

Labkhand Olfatmanesh is a multi-disciplinary artist examining topics of border, race, and isolation. As an Iranian artist living in the diaspora, the value of diversity and intersectionality has always been very close to her heart and her creative practice. Photography, documentary with experimental style of filmmaking and facilitating conversations among disparate immigrant communities allow her to fill in missing, multi-faceted expressions of narratives. Her work interrogates her identity as an Iranian and an immigrant in the U.S. while centering themes of feminism and social and cultural norms. She believes her role in this encompasses many facets of what it means to be an artist: researcher, risk-taker, storyteller, and community organizer.

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Press Contact
Jazmyn Beauchan
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

Labkhand Olfatmanesh | BabyMaybe

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