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Kristian Skylstad
Exhibition & Residency:
November 1, 2011 – Janaury 1, 2012

Kristian Skylstad (born in Oslo, Norway 1982) has been working as a photographer, gallerist, curator, fiction writer, art critic and video artist and is dealing with an ongoing conceptual art practice that is mostly connected to poetry, which lately has been built down to give more time for his documentaries. The last three years he’s been working on the 97 min long documentary Violence of Silence, which is made in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, and is dealing with the ongoing great depression. One year ago he started the artist run gallery NoPlace (Oslo) together with Stian Gabrielsen, Petter Buhagen and Karen Nikgol. His work is mimicking a strongly subjective approach, but this is just a method for getting attention towards an extensive output of the collective research, aesthetics and political standpoints of his own generation.

Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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