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Kirsten Rian 
April-June 2024

Kirsten Rian, MA, MFA, is a mid-career interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work includes public art installations, painting, LED lights and video projection mapping, and writing. She has also used writing and art as tools for trauma processing and peacebuilding with war survivors, trafficked women, and at-risk youth for many years. She has been recognized with grants and fellowships, and exhibited internationally in places like Portugal and Iceland. In addition to years working as a photography curator and professor, she is a grief and trauma therapist.

All of her creative work in any medium is an exploration of interconnectedness–with each other, with the land and environment, with memory, with history. Main and recurring themes reflect visual implications of grief, chronic illness, genetics, trauma, joy, and the allegiance between body and landscape. Her pieces explore the space between acknowledging loss and places of social or physical or environmental damage in order to identify the starting places for healing, and the joy, gratitude, and light that come from transitioning to a place of growth and hope once that process begins.

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