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Katya Kan 
May 1 – June 29, 2020

Katya Kan was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan of Korean and Russian descent. Having caught a glimpse of the ex-USSR, Kan has a nostalgic, conflicting perception of political and cultural systems. The image of Korea evokes for the artist a tantalizing, fragile and beautifully moving atmosphere. Devoid of a homeland, Katya focuses on concepts such as globalization, surveillance, nostalgia, utopia and eroticism. Art represents the act of seeking, assembling and immortalizing beauty. 

Recently, Kan was involved in initiatives with the Royal Watercolor Society, Art Below, Art Wars in London, Red Dot Miami and Los Angeles. Kan has exhibited nationally and internationally including exhibitions at the Uzbek Biennale, Uzbekistan (2019), Oska Bright Film Festival, United Kingdom (2019), Greenpoint Gallery, New York (2019), Venice Biennale, Miniscule Arts/Alive in the Universe Film Festival, Venice, Italy (2019), Galerie Neo-Contemporaries, London (2018), Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA (2011), to mention just a few. Katya has been awarded many highly regarded residencies around the world, including the SIM Residency, Iceland (2019), NG Creative Residency, France (2019), Industry in the Streets, London (2015), and 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica (2014). Kan holds a BFA Fine Arts / Film, SFAI, CA (2014), and an MA in English Literature with French, Edinburgh University (2010). 


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Katya Kan | Younger Heart

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