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Kaori Takamura
October 2023

Kaori Takamura is a visual artist who immigrated from Japan and lives and works in the US. Her artistic explorations are inspired by childhood nostalgia that spark memories of 1970s post-war Tokyo, where the rapid economic growth of an otherwise traditional culture was suddenly inundated by Western influence. The two contradictory ideologies began to strangely intermingle in the everyday mundane; the modest traditional immaterial belief from the past deluged by an influx of materialism and consumerism that revitalized a collective sense of joy, hope, and optimism for the future. Kaori explores these juxtapositions by infusing Western toyetic sentiments into a tactile artistic language that overlays concepts reflective of Eastern values such as the sublime aging process; the meaning of the passage of time and occurings in life.

During her residency at the 18th Street Art Center, Kaori will continue to develop her resin casting series Exuvia of Possession. In this series, she expresses a tactile sentiment and a flavorful bygone nostalgia within her toyetic expression to communicate with the audience in the most simplistic metaphorical way.

Kaori has exhibited at Phoenix Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, San Jose Museum of Textile and Quilts, Tempe Center for the Arts, and numerous galleries nationally and internationally.

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