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Jurek Wybraniec
Past Artist In Residence

Jurek Wybraniec

Serially has been presented in Jurek Wybraniec’s work for the past ten years. In his attempt to co-opt minimalism into the larger Pop project, Wybraniec has consistently called upon the rhetoric of duplication, repetition, and industrial process to celebrate the potential and possibilities of the inherently beautiful qualities found within the materials of mass production. As such, Wybraniec’s art attracts the ideation of the optimistic sentiment attached too the modernist project. In his decidedly post-post modern affirmation of the “traditional” notion of participatory democracy and shared culture value, his work aligns itself with the pragmatism of the new millennium. Indeed for Wybraniec, the hardware warehouse has long ago replaced the art shop as the source, not just of materials, but also ideological signification. In 2002, Wybraniec joined 18th Street as the Australian Council artist-in-residence and featured project room artist.

Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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