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Jared Haug 
February 2024

Jared Haug is an artist and curator based in Bakersfield, CA, whose practice includes solo and collaborative work. As a co-founder of three artist-run collectives (Border Patrol, Ditch Projects, and Palm Galerie), Haug is committed to carving out spaces in pursuit of visions, soundings, excavations, and translations. In addition, he exhumes legacies of disablement and deformation in attempts to understand life within, upon, and around his own non-normative body. Across shifting materials – wax, plaster, sand, aluminum, glass, paint, fabric – and the intentional application of melting, smoking, burning, staining, threading, and hollowing, Haug asks how works applied to bodies become the (de)forms through which days and nights unfold.

In the spring of 2021, members of the Border Patrol artist collective published a book and co-organized an exhibition with artists and poets imprisoned inside Mesa Verde ICE Processing Center in Bakersfield, titled “Voices in the Shadow.” Border Patrol’s California Creative Corps grant funding expands the collaborative relationships formed over the past three years, during which time some of the artists have won their legal cases and been released from detention. For the 18th Street residency in February, Haug will spend a week charting the various routes of LA County with MTA bus driver William Nickel, documenting the city as seen through his perspective and the windows of his passengers, utilizing field recordings, interviews, and video.

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Director of Communications

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