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James Lynch
Past Artist In Residence

James Lynch Artist

James Lynch was born in 1974 and grew up in Reservoir, a 1950s northern suburb of Melbourne. He studied fine art painting and graduated from the Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely, garnering a powerful reputation as a leader in animated work, but also becoming renowned or his drawings and installations. Lynch works across various media including drawing, installation, painting and animation. Lynch’s early work frequently used painted and hand-drawn trompe l’œil effects to emphasize the constructed nature of our everyday lives and fantasies. Lately he has created a series of artworks and animations based on a real collection of people’s dreams in which he has appeared, as well as retellings of people’s earliest memories, painted tableaux and turned old, broken washing machines into medieval magic lanterns. His work mediates our often conflicted and ambivalent relationships with the Other. In 2001, Lynch was the Australian artist-in-residence and exhibited in the show ‘Ascendance’.


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