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Eva Castringius
Past Artist In Residence

Eva Castringius

Reanimating forgotten catastrophes and places is a core theme throughout the works of painter and photographer, Eva Castringius. A native of Munich who has lived since the early 1990s in Berlin, Castringius spent one year at 18th Street Arts Center in 2005. While at 18th Street as an artist in residence shed a new light on her way of seeing things and prompted a definitive shift from small to large formats. Setting her sights on urban space in two major metropolises, Los Angeles and Berlin, the artist photographed famous locations at sunrise and sunset, including the harbor at Long Beach and the International Congress Center, now known as Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures), in Berlin. A signature mark of Castringius’ projects is to discreetly insert a familiar object in each picture. The intention is to let the viewer to come up with the story behind each image. While at 18th Street, Castringius developed a series of large scale paintings which further explored notions of space and architecture.

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