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Eric Merola 
Airport Campus

Eric Merola is an artist based in Los Angeles whose practice includes painting and video documentation. Most of his painting works are large scale, primarily in the form of oil on canvas. Each painting to him is an exploration of composition, color, and mood. He has been an independent documentarian for the past decade and he has decided to paint full-time and moved his base to Santa Monica in 2019. 

He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions around Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York after graduating from university. His works drew the attention from the renowned art dealer Leo Castelli. Feeling overwhelmed by extensive works in the commercial art scene in Manhattan, he decided to turn his interest to become an investigative journalist and documentarian in 2008. He produced four documentaries exploring scientific and medical technologies which he found disruptive and this led him to various international awards. He will continue his investigation in medical area and film documentaries while resuming his passion in painting simultaneously. Eric completed a double major degree in painting and graphic design from East Carolina University.

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Eric Merola | Santa Monica Art Walk | March 23, 2019 | ericmerola.gallery

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