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Ellinor Euler 
April & May 2024

Ellinor Euler is a contemporary artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her drawings, wire objects, installations, wool stitching on handmade papers are all reliant on the idea of a “line”.

Euler holds a degree as an architectural engineer and has exhibited her artwork internationally.

Having just returned from an international residency at Farm Studio, Andore Rajasthan, India, Euler will be spending her time in residency at 18th Street gathering research and starting a new body of work.

In 2020, – Dorothée Bauerle-Willert wrote…
“Ellinor Euler’s creations reveal lightness and weight, mobility and stillness, material and transparency, idea and body, construction and emotion – and thus the multiple appeals to art as it was in the Renaissance The concept of Disegno emerged: Disegno means something concrete and at the same time something spiritual, is representation and design, reshaping, pre-forming, deformation and precisely because of this it brings what has not yet been realized, the idea, to view and to material certainty. It is always about the process of seeing, visualization and perception in the unfathomable ambivalence of shadow and light, of negative and positive, of presence and absence.”

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