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Elham Sagharchi
Airport Campus

Elham is a Los Angeles based artist. Her work is intimate and at the same time explores greater feminine issues. She examines the interactions and conflicts between a woman and her surroundings. Her mixed media pieces make use of material from the domestic sphere such as cloth. She often juxtaposes these elements with material from work and industry such as rebar. These elements are then woven together through the traditional medium of oil on canvas. She makes great use of texture and surface.

Elham has been painting for more than 25 years. She studied painting at Tehran Azad university. Her work has been shown in several shows in Los Angeles and Tehran, including The Arena1 Gallery, BG Gallery, Tag Gallery, Golestan Gallery, the British Embassy, Azad Gallery, etc. She worked as a graphic artist in various magazines and newspapers.


Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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