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Delphine Coindet
Past Artist In Residence

Delphine Coindet | French installation artist

The work of French installation artist, Delphine Coindet, can be typified by its simple lines, geometric forms and minimalist visual language, although her world is radically foreign to what art history understands to be Minimal Art. In fact, she sees the Minimal Art movement of the 60s and 70s as expressing a will “to assert rightness, knowledge, a masculine, phallocratic, megalomaniac power”, and its exponents as advocates of a reading of art based on mutually quoting and responding masculine figures. In 2001, Coindet came to Los Angeles to be an artist-in-residence at 18th Street for three months. While here she developed a line of artistic research based on methods of spatial representation and design, and at the same time specifically questioned her relationship to the body and to sculptural space.

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