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Delia Iliesiu Prvacki
April 3 – May 30, 2017

Delia Prvački was born in 1950 in Northern Transylvania, Romania.

She completed her studies with a Master in Applied Arts at the Bucharest Institute of Fine Arts in 1975. Subsequently,­ she moved to the former Yugoslavia where she lived and had a successful artistic career, receiving numerous awards, until 1991, when she relocated with her family to Singapore, becoming a Singapore citizen in 2002.

Delia established an art-consultancy company in Singapore and since 1993 has received numerous commissions for public projects.  Her projects are seen as focal points in many urban areas, in parks, condominiums, and atriums of important institutions or within the subway system. Delia works mainly in ceramics but some of her sculptural compositions and installations were cast in bronze or translated in tapestry.

Delia had several solo exhibitions. Her work evolved from an interest in establishing ceramic as an independent form of artistic expression to a more recent body of work following the meaning of raw materials and their relevance to modern technology and human existence.

Identifiable by her exploration and experimentation with materials, Delia’s works are part of art collections in Singapore and other places in Asia, as well in many cities in the former Yugoslavia.

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