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Deborah Lynn Irmas 
Airport Campus

Deborah is an artist based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles whose practice includes plexiglass boxes layered with scotch tape, acrylic paint and ink. Her work is a mix of abstract expressionism and minimalism, which originated from the simple act of noticing a piece of blue painter’s tape on her studio wall. The many different arrangements of this simple household item has kept her exploring its many formations for two years. Deborah Lynn has been inspired by the many abstract expressionist and minimalist artists that came before her including Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Phillip Guston, and Cy Twombly. Her work is often associated with simplification and reduction. She contends that her work is about repetition and silence and not meant to represent any emotional discourse. Scotch tape has become her primary medium. All materials manifest themselves into the proper shape and form she intends. The tape is basically used as an artist’s tool as if she was using a brush. Her present paintings explore the relationship of line, shape, and form with the wall and the art becoming one. The shadow these artworks create play a secondary role and become part of the romantic quality of these classical pieces.

Since 2005, Deborah has extensively exhibited in California at the Santa Monica Art Studios, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, the Venice Art Walk (2012-2015), Barba Contemporary Gallery and various art spaces in forms of both solo and group exhibitions. She is also permanently exhibited at the Museum of Latin American Art. Strongly rooted in Los Angeles, Deborah has received various awards such as the Award of Merit by Society of Illustrators (1987) and has been recently awarded with membership by 825 Gallery of Los Angeles Art Association (2015). She also received a Clifton Webb Scholarship, UCLA where she completed a Bachelor degree in Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art (1980). Afterwards, she accomplished courses of fashion illustration, graphic design, textile design, and printmaking in past decades and has been currently undertaking painting at Tom Wudl Studio since 2012.

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