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Deborah Lynn Irmas 
Airport Campus

Deborah Lynn Irmas work expresses a narrative through material choices. Each piece combines materials from varied sources. Sometimes blending digital imagery with yarn, grommets, twine, metallic paper, tape, and sometimes narrowing down the materials to a minimalistic vision, the often repetitive and layered compositions mimic my own upbringing and many of the materials I grew up with. The textile artist Annie Albers wrote in 1938…”we must come down to earth from the clouds where we live in vagueness, and experience the most real thing there is: material.” Being open to possibility and teasing relationships among materials allows me to take their original purpose and transform them into new opportunities.

The artist’s work is part of MOLAA’s (Museum of Latin American Art) permanent collection and has been exhibited internationally and nationally including galleries in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Pasadena, and Puglia, Italy. She has also exhibited at the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Venice Art Walk. Irmas has received various awards such as the Award of Merit by the Society of Illustrators, the UCLA Clifton Webb Scholarship, and the Barnsdall Art Award. She completed her BFA in Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Arts from UCLA and continued courses in Fashion Illustration, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Printmaking, and most notably has been a long time student of Tom Wudl, whom she thanks as her mentor

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