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Deborah Lynn Irmas 
Airport Campus

Deborah Lynn Irmas lives and works in Santa Monica, California. Her work originated from the simple act of noticing a piece of painter’s tape on her studio wall.  Her plexiglass pieces are driven by process, materials and aesthetics. Speaking about her art she contends, “There is a romantic quality to these classical pieces.” 

Her present work on paper is a reflection of the current times and the massive amounts of information and disinformation that she is bombarded with on a daily basis.  Irmas reflects on her work, “I’ve had to learn how to navigate this over-information and organize it through the creative process. My work consists of repetitive information which became an exercise in mindfulness. These new pieces are about the volumes of information from the external world that I have to process internally. I guess you could say that some of it is obsessive and I hope to find peace through graphic based shapes and colors. There are optical terrains that twist and turn. It helps to put the information into a context and a materiality. There is repetition of daily pandemic struggles and the daily deluge of information. Art is not just about self expression but it is also about self discovery. Of course, there is an irrational element to all art.”

Regarding the artist’s UNBROKEN (Kaleidoscope), 2018 artwork, art historian Susan L. Power writes, “Deborah Lynn Irmas reinvents traditional mark-making techniques through the novel use of materials – scotch tape, acrylic paint and ink on plexiglass.  Functioning like transparent stencils, the outlines of overlapping bits of tape create seemingly random abstract patterns on sixteen monochromatic yet distinctly hued squares forming a larger square grid. Movement and light casting shadows on the wall through the patterned plexiglass animate the orderly geometry of the grid, in which the constituent elements of a kaleidoscope are deconstructed and reassembled.”

The artist’s work is part of MOLAA’s (Museum of Latin American Art) permanent collection and has exhibited internationally and nationally including galleries in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Pasadena, and Puglia, Italy.

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