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Claudia Concha 
Airport Campus

Claudia Concha is a Los Angeles-based artist from Colombia, whose practice includes paintings, installations, art performances, and workshops. Her 26-year career as an artist has been an unparalleled journey of mastering the rules and breaking free from the “expected.” Each of her paintings is a conversation, a vibrant expression of what cannot be articulated.  Through her gestural technique, she connects to a higher level of consciousness, conversation, and personal truth.

 “My art is a conversation between the realms of the Psyche and the Soma that uses unspoken language, it engages a symbolically action-based expression accessing the less articulated parts, the gap between feelings and expression.”   Claudia Concha

In 1994, she graduated as an architect from The University of Los Andes, in Bogota, Colombia, and as part of the program studied at The Heriot Watt University in Scotland. In 1995, Concha moved to Florence, Italy to study art and the history of architecture.

Upon returning from Florence, Claudia participated in an Abstract Expressionism workshop where she learned to relinquish control and let her own language as an artist emerge through automatic painting. During this eight-year span, Claudia painted only in black and white, not giving into the temptation of color, which sparks the impulse to control and anticipate the outcome.  

In 2003, Claudia moved to Los Angeles, opened her studio and established herself as an artist. Intrigued by both human behavior and the mind, she graduated with a Masters in the Arts of Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica in 2014, and as a Soul Centered Professional Coach in 2015, where she created and developed ArThrough, a study based on combining the practices of both Spiritual Psychology and Art.


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