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Claudia Concha 
Airport Campus

Claudia Concha is a Colombian artist based in Los Angeles, whose practices include paintings, installations art performances, and workshops. Her most recent performative experience, Metamorphosis, was presented as part of “More Art Here” at the Santa Monica Art Studios (2018). Within the two-hour performance, she invited the audience to co-create a big scale painting with her, connecting with an intention and giving a voice to what the body dictates through gestures, using the no-dominant hand and the eyes closed. Concha’s own language as an artist emerged by practicing automatic painting and working for eight years only black and white, allowing the forms to surface in a conversation between the body and the mind or other levels of consciousness, accessing unarticulated parts, the gap between feelings and expression. 

Concha graduated as an Architect from the University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia (1994), studied Arts and History of Architecture in Florence, Italy (1995), and received her MA in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica (2014). She became a Soul Centered Professional Coach in 2015, where she created and developed ArThrough, a study based on combining the practices of both Spiritual Psychology and Art.

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