Chuni Park
September 1 – 29, 2018

Korea-based artist Chuni Park’s practice mostly consists of painting traditional themes focused on localized natural and cultural phenomena, yet is often divorced from the rigid structures of conventional Korean painting. He has explored a variety of mediums like traditional painting, hanji (Korean paper), muk (Korean soot-based ink), chalk drawings on huge blackboards that are later erased, rubber, instant noodles, plastic bags, and blue duct tape. These expressive, tactile materials allow him to examine the contemporary landscape through layered texture and sculptural construction. His intent in this is to portray traditional paintings as something raw and tangible, instead of something to be appreciated from a historical distance.

He has exhibited his work internationally and in many solo and group exhibitions in Korea and Seoul. Park received both his BA and MFA at Hongik University.

Chuni Park’s residency is generously supported by Baik Art.

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