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Chih-Chien Chen
Exhibition & Residency:
June 5 – August 30, 2015

Chen Chih-Chien, Date Line-HK, 2008, video

Chih-Chien Chen  is a member of the art group LuxuryLogico, and specializes in video installation. His works concentrate on “time”, a topic which has been widely discussed by many foreign and Taiwanese artists. However, this issue is expressed with a fraction of sorrow and a sense of quiet beauty in Chen’s works without focusing on the means of representing the images and the techniques of programming. When one puts oneself in his space of images, time does not move in a linear way and space steps out of the limit of formality, allowing the viewers to recreate their memories and experiences that they have stored in their brains, in their sub-conscious or unconscious in a different way. With the help of sport filming devices and image cutting programs, Chen compresses time and space in the space of an image, translating differences of time into different pieces of memories. In his works, there are the momentary glimpses, such as a corner of a city, a slice of natural landscape, or even a part of a building.  In these glimpses, we could “listen to” the movement of time, and “touch” the body of a misplaced space.

This residency at 18th Street Arts Center has been generously funded by:


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