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Beth Davila Waldman
August 1 – 31, 2020

Beth Davila Waldman is an artist whose practice has been influenced by borrowed symbols and landscapes from her maternal homeland Peru as well as other international sites such as Hong Kong and Vietnam. Waldman uses image, material, and architecture to speak about transformations on culture over time on the individual and society. Through landscape, Waldman examines how politics and economics create shifts in culture on macro and micro levels. Her work excavates the conceived idea of sanctuary, using the colonized and converted cultures of her Peruvian ancestors as a gateway for those dialogues.

Waldman has exhibited internationally and nationally including exhibitions in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Waldman has been awarded many residencies around the world including Kala Art Institute in Berkeley,  Playa Institute in Oregon, and at EditionBasel in Basel, Switzerland. Waldman earned her MFA (2005) from San Francisco Art Institute and BA (1997) from Wellesley College.

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