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Art Reality Studio

Art Reality Studio provides technology and resources to artists whose interest aligns with these new mediums, allowing them to develop an alternative and complementary means of expression to their existing practice.

Founded in 2017 by Brent Imai and Frank Masi, Art Reality Studio (ARS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to connecting artists to technology. ARS asks: What happens when artists are given access to the latest cutting-edge technology?

ARS offers artists the opportunity to employ the latest technologies as a means to understand the human experience in this new reality. Known to be the most innovative problem-solvers, artists have the ability to illuminate technology’s potential impact on the world and demonstrate how we can understand our place as humans in this ever-evolving ecosystem.

Current artists in residence with ARS are Daniel Rothman, Halina Kliem, and current 18th Street artist in residence, Ni’Ja Whitson.

Daniel Rothman is a Los Angeles based composer and clarinetist who founded and directed Wires Center for New & Experimental Music and mentored composition students at CalArts, Darmstadt, and Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. His music is recorded by pianist Eric Huebner (Albany); Quatuor Bozzini (Editions QB); clarinetist David Smeyers with Mark Trayle, electronics (Los Angeles River); and chamber opera Cézanne’s Doubt (New World), featuring Thomas Buckner, Wadada Leo Smith, Ted Mook, David Smeyers and Kent Clelland. His musical collaborators also include Gerry Hemingway, Satoko Inoue, Ulrich Krieger, Joe Kubera, Radu Malfatti, Bill Roper, Ashley Walters; other artistic collaborations include visual artists Halina Kliem (Ballona Project), Holly Tempo (Would Inglewood), Paul Tzanetopoulos (Weserburg Museum), Jim Campbell and Elliot Anderson (Steirischer Herbst and Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and writer Yoko Tawada (SWR New Jazz Meeting).  His Los Angeles River Records label also released music by Peter Ablinger, Clarence Barlow, Hanne Darboven, and Art Jarvinen.

Halina Kliem is an experimental filmmaker and multimedia artist born and raised in the divided city of Berlin. She uses a combination of media, which includes often video, film, computers, lighting, photography, text, and print to investigate variations and gaps that occur within language and communication. Her award-winning experimental films and multimedia installations were featured at Videonale Bonn, Florida Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Pace Gallery, New York. At 18th Street Halina will work on the “Ballona Project”, a scientific and artistic project collecting, analyzing, arranging, and displaying scientific, and artistic research material, based on visual and audio information in a 360 /3D video VR multimedia installation.

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