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Andrea Rodriguez Novoa
May 2 – 30, 2016

Exhibition 'Promenade architecturale', solo show by Pablo Valbuena. Fort de Bruissin Art Center (Grand Lyon), 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Andrea Rodriguez Novoa is an architect and independent curator based in Spain and France. She reunites architecture and curating on a reflection about space-at-large. She explores the power of image within the artistic consideration about space and time through sci-fi, story, storytelling. She is founder curator at BAR project, an independent organization promoting international artistic residencies and curatorial projects. She has been curator at Fort de Bruissin Art Center, researcher at Centre Pompidou and resident at Villa Arson – Nice, Casa de Velazquez – Madrid, STROOM – The Hague, SOMA – Mexico, 2016, 40m3 – Rennes, 2016.

Some projects include: Reflections (PRIMO PIANO, Paris, 2016), Plagiarizing the future (Hangar, Lisboa, 2015), Icaria no ès una avinguda (curatorialclube.com, 2015), A(p)partment (MAIO, Barcelona, 2014), Promenade architecturale (CAC Fort du Bruissin, Lyon, 2014), Duda original (Plataforma Revolver, Lisboa, 2013), Vers une hypothèse (CAC F. Bruissin, XII Lyon’s Biennial, 2013), Le périmètre interne (French Institute Barcelona, 2013).

Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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