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Alexandra Hopf 
September 1 – November 30, 2016

Working with the ideology of construction, Alexandra Hopf makes key chronicled art figures her sources. As if to uncover the directory of influential male artists, Hopf traces a century of art in her own seemingly timeworn works. Although her works are contemporary, they bear a surface of antiquity. This antiquity is manifested in Hopf’s complex surfaces, and is an aspect of her practice of questioning time and art systems. Hopf’s media include work on paper and acrylic glass, relief, sculpture, and textile, reconstructing the avant-garde with an idiosyncratic museological approach. She is interested in the history of display and how we see, creating exhibitions as collections, houses and even as stages: “A Private Collection”, “Maison Tatlin”, “Screen Memories.” Hopf obscures the rich art historical sources through which she questions frames of references. Her work imaginatively returns to 20th century successes and failures, oscillating between beginnings and endings.  Alexandra Hopf lives and works in Berlin. She has shown her work throughout Europe as well as in international solo and group shows.

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