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Alexandra Dillon
Airport Campus

Alexandra Dillon is a Los Angeles-based surrealistic painter who creates art on found objects.  Dillon employs European painting traditions, from Roman-Egyptian Mummy paintings to Baroque portraiture, to contemplate the crossroads of character, psychology, self-hood, and the feminine persona. Faces, or pieces of faces, painted onto old tools, such as axes, cleavers and locks create juxtapositions that illicit new readings of femaleness. With these characters, she hopes to display the inner realms of personal psychologies.

Dillon has exhibited in solo shows at the LAUNCH Gallery, Gryphon Lofts, Soapbox Gallery and Onyx Café in California since 1996. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions at Oceanside Museum of Art, GR2 Art Gallery, FAB Gallery, Venice Art Walk, Robert Berman Gallery, Patricia Correia Gallery in California, Appleton Museum of Art in Florida and Duncan Fine Arts Atlanta in Georgia. Dillon received her BA in Motion Picture and Television from the University of California, Los Angeles (1984), and has studied at Studio Cecil Graves in Florence, Italy (1991) and also at New Orleans Academy of Fine Art (1994).

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