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Artist talk with Shagha Ariannia


Join us for an artist talk with Shagha Ariannia on July 27 at 4 pm in the Atrium Gallery to discuss ideas around her exhibition Two Americas Away. She will be in conversation with 18th Street Arts Center’s Director of Residency Programs, Pilar Tompkins Rivas, to discuss her work and issues that pertain to her practice. Ariannia negotiates the physical and cultural gaps between her native Iran and her current home in the U.S.; a distance of space and time that she measures with small, nuanced gestures. Drawing upon family experiences and the paradox of existing between political realms, Ariannia responds to questions of revolution, immigration, nationalism, and global power relationships from within the framework of the intimate, domestic sphere. Two Americas Away uses surveillance footage of an interior setting, evoking an unsettling sense of waiting in a space absent of inhabitants and activity.

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