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Artist Lab Residencies

The Artist Lab Residency is the core gallery program here at 18th Street Arts Center. It functions as an ‘artist laboratory’ that fosters exploration and experimentation, providing an in-depth opportunity for artists to critically develop their practice. Structured as both a residency and an exhibition, individual artists or artist teams may develop new work or generate provocative programming that investigates new avenues within contemporary art making practices. Artists are encouraged to use the space – which is open to the public – in a dynamic capacity, collaborating with other artists, using the gallery as a studio, developing on-going programs and events, creating installations, or modifying their exhibition layout over the course of their 3-month residency.

Now in the Artist Lab: Lucky Dragons | User Agreement

Prior Artist Lab Residents
Shana Lutker |Vishal Jugdeo | Candice Lin | Slanguage Studio | Amir H. Fallah | Miljohn Ruperto

All 2016-2017 Artist Lab Residencies at 18th Street Arts Center and associated events have been made possible through the generous support of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, The James Irvine Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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