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An Artist for President

An Artist for President(the nation is the art work and we the people are the artists)



Twenty-five years ago, Susanna launched her candidacy as An Artist for President. A seminal durational performance art piece, it took Dakin from the art studio to the bully pulpit as she set out to prove that “the nation is an artwork and we the people are the artists”. Dakin traveled the nation meeting people from small towns to the nation’s capitol. Along the way, she discovered that in the midst of possible nuclear devastation, financial meltdowns and environmental catastrophes there is a hunger for trustworthy candidates and new perspectives within our political institutions. An Artist for President is a personal reflection of Dakin’s and campaign manager Lowell Darling’s journey across the blurry boundaries between art and politics. It is a meditation on the possibility that sometimes citizens really want (whether we know it or not) to be allowed and encouraged to participate in the ongoing creation of our nation. Susanna Dakin is a founder of 18th Street Arts Center and a long time artist and social activist.

To purchase book, go to http://www.hyphenpublishing.com/publications.html 

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