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Introducing 18@Home

Remembering Kate Johnson (1969-2020)

We want to dedicate a moment to remembering Kate Johnson, our artist in residence of 20 years, who sadly passed away late March 2020.

Read more about the artist, filmmaker, educator, and mentor through the words of her longtime partner Michael J. Masucci on our blog post here.

In addition, EZTV’s webmaster Anais Montoya has created a memorial site for Kate, which you can explore here.   

If you would like to share any recollections you might have of Kate, such as photos, drawings, poems, or videos, please share with Anais so it can be added to Kate’s memorial site at

Below, check out her interview with Michael as part of our We The Artists campaign in 2016 as well as some of her most recognized works, such as her Emmy award winning documentary Mia, A Dancer’s Journey (2015) (watch the entire film here) , her video and light sculpture Spirits of Morty, and Everywhere in Between (2015), a living interactive art experience that was projected at Bergamot Station and known to be one of Johnson’s most ambitious works (watch the projection at Bergamot Station here).

#WeTheArtists: Kate Johnson & Michael J. Masucci (EZTV)

Mia, A Dancer’s Journey (2015) | Trailer

Spirits of Morty

Everywhere in Between (2015)

Patty Chang | Milk Debt | List of Fears

LA based artist Patty Chang has been creating new video work for 18th Street Arts Center, with scripts she is writing based on fears submitted by people who live or work in the Santa Monica or broader Los Angeles region. The fears will be recited on-camera or live by one or more performers for the artist’s solo exhibition at 18th Street in 2020. This work will be going to other places in the near future, so if you are outside of LA, you are welcome to fill out the form as well – just indicate your current city.

The exhibition was originally planned to open May of 2020, but due to the COVID-19 situation and lockdown as of March, it will open sometime later in 2020 (hopefully summer). In the meantime, Chang has re-opened her call for fears, especially those responsive to our post-pandemic world. She will be making new work in collaboration with performers working remotely and creating new scripts out of these fresh fears. We will take submissions until April 20th.

If you participated in the past, feel free to resubmit your fears, or participate for the very first time. It will really only take 5 minutes and will be totally anonymous in the final script.Thank you for sharing this with us, and we hope it helps you find some solace that great art often arises from times of crisis.

To participate, fill out a survey here:

DAMIR AVDAGIC |  Repriza/Uzvracanje (Reprise/Response) | Online Livestream Screening

DAMIR AVDAGIC |  Repriza/Uzvracanje (Reprise/Response)
Online Livestream Screening
April 8 at noon through April 10 at noon
Live Zoom chat with the artist at noon on April 10 (RSVP please!)

Tune in at noon on April 8 for an exclusive 48-hour screening of Danish/Norwegian artist Damir Avdagic’s latest video piece from late 2018. In Repriza/Uzvracanje (Reprise/Response) (2018), four people in their mid-60s from ex-Yugoslavia perform a transcribed conversation from the piece Reenactment/Process (2016), in which four people in their mid-20s discuss the inter-generational frictions they experience between themselves and their parents relating to the conflict in ex-Yugoslavia.

Avdagic’s project explores the ways past events transmit between generations and how they affect the present. In the Live Zoom chat at noon on Friday, April 10, Avdagic will show clips of Reenactment/Process, and describe his own process as an artist as part of a moderated conversation and audience Q&A. Please RSVP and join us for this virtual lunch and discussion with participants from around the world – we will send the Zoom link to those that RSVP.

18th Street Arts Center’s Mini Artist Documentaries

Neha Choksi | ELEMENTARY

Clarissa Tossin | 21st Century Wisdom: Healing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Textile Block Houses

Tabari Lake | Make Jazz Fellowship Residency


Check out some of our mini artist documentaries on our YouTube and Vimeo channel. Highlighted here is Neha Choksi’s ELEMENTARY, Clarissa Tossin’s 21st Century Wisdom: Healing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Textile Block Houses, and Tabari Lake on his 2019 Make Jazz Fellowship here at 18th Street Arts Center.

Make Jazz Fellow Shirazette Tinnin | LP Music podcast


North Carolina native and NYC resident Shirazette Tinnin sits down with Joey DeLeon to chat about her journey as an active clinician, educator, mentor, composer, a certified personal trainer and published author. They explore the origins of her name, her early influences, developing a deep love for African music, and how she ended up in Santa Monica, CA on a three-month “Make Jazz Residency.”

Listen here.

About 18@Home

As a cautionary measure in response to COVID-19 and to protect our artist community who live and work on site at 18th Street Arts Center, we have closed our galleries to the public until further notice. To get your dose of arts and culture at home, we introduce 18@Home, where you can virtually participate and experience our artists’ projects!

This series will be available on our website and across our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more!

At 18th Street Arts Center, we believe art making is an essential component of a vibrant, just and healthy society and that creative action is a vital part of individual wellbeing. We hope 18@Home can offer just that in these times of social distancing.

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