Explore short video features including exhibition previews.

The Artist Lab Residency functions as an ‘artist laboratory’ that fosters exploration and experimentation. Learn about the artists who brought their projects to 18th Street for the 2013-2014 season.
Teaser for Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: International art collective Slanguage Studio, led by Los Angeles artists Mario Ybarra, Jr. and Karla Diaz, transforms 18th Street Arts Center’s Artist Lab with a techno-futuristic science-fiction extravaganza rooted in their ongoing investigations of race, identity, and culture.
Teaser for Perfect Strangers: Inviting the community and its objects into the Artist Lab, Amir H. Fallah articulates a sense of regional identity that is ambiguous, yet informed by the perspective of an international artist who calls the Los Angeles metro area home.
Saxophonist John Ellis was selected as 18th Street Arts Center’s 3rd Make Jazz Fellow. While in residence, he composed over 30 original pieces. Here is a slice of his work and experience in Santa Monica.
Teaser for Travelling Dust, and exhibition concerned particularly with economic and cultural exchanges between Latin America and the United States. Travelling Dust, by Javier Tapia & Camilo Ontiveros, unveils and rearticulates assumptions about trade, geography, nature, and the people of three communities of the Americas: Chile, Mexico, and Los Angeles.
Teaser for panel where Artist Lab Resident, Miljohn Ruperto with collaborators Aimée de Jongh and Rajan Bhattacharyya discussed their experiments and struggles with intuitive human perceptions to deformity during their project Mineral Monsters.
Spanish-born, Los Angeles-based artist Patricia Fernández further developed her explorations of the geographic history that underpins generations of displacement and repression in Spain beginning with Franco’s dictatorship, in her project Points of Departure (between Spain and France).
Teaser for Patricia Fernández’ project Points of Departure (between Spain and France).
In With Entheogenic Intent (Burn the Witch), anarcho-ecosophist Elena Bajo continued to investigate the “sculptural anarchive” of suppressed political histories, extending her research to California’s geopolitical context. By examining botanical, topographical, and textual elements the layers of the everyday and the specific temporality of social encounters born out of her residency, a meta-narrative will unfold as an emancipatory and autonomous form of the present.
Teaser for Elena Bajo’s project With Entheogenic Intent (Burn the Witch).
Be Dammed encompasses sculpture, photography, video and a performance series, and reflects the Carolina Caycedo’s ongoing query into the development of mega-infrastructures over natural and social landscapes. Within this body of work, Caycedo conceptually embeds an analogous, contiguous relationship of tactical constraint and crowd control, as exercised by police and military over group protests and public demonstrations.
Teaser for Carolina Caycedo’s project Be Dammed.
Furthering his interest in film and filmmaking as subject matter, Adrià Julià presented a group of new works focusing on the relationship between the camera and the body at 18th Street Arts Center.
Teaser for Adrià Julià’s project Cat on the Shoulder.