EZTV is an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the digital art movement, with an extensive history of producing original art, curating and advocating for under-represented arts movements, collaborating with fellow artists, and the integration into normative arts canon, of the accomplishments of such under-represented communities.

From spoken word to computer art, dance and documentary, EZTV serves as an essential voice in the discourse between personal creation and accessible distribution. Created in 1979 by John Dorr, it has been under the leadership of Michael J. Masucci & Kate Johnson since 1994.

EZTV has created what was perhaps the nations’ first microcinema, among the world’s first galleries dedicated to digital art, one of the earliest websites dedicated to online art, and was among the very first voices in arts circles, to recognize the transformative possibilities of mobile communications.

EZTV has been a core collaborator in works presented by venues including the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, the Cannes Film Festival, Lincoln Center, the BBC, PBS, and the American Film Institute. Since 2003, much of its early video works, and accompanying ephemera have become part of the permanent collection of USC’s ONE Archives.

For more info:  www.eztvmedia.com