Created in 1979, EZTV has had its video and media art screened internationally at a variety of venues including the Museum of Modern Art (New York) the Institute of Contemporary Art (London), SIGGRAPH and the American Film Institute (Los Angeles), which honored EZTV with a career retrospective, declaring it “some of the core pioneers and advocates of digital technology in the moving image arts”. In addition to its award-winning experimental and media art projects, EZTV’s documentary film work has been screened on the BBC, PBS, BRAVO, and the History Channel. Festivals for which EZTV’s core artists have been principle collaborators have screened at festivals such as the Pan African Film Festival, Dance Camera West, LA FreeWaves, the New York Underground Film Festival, Other collaborative projects have been seen at spaces including the Pomona College Museum of Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Los Angeles Theater Center, USC, Occidental College, Barnsdall Art Park, the Japan American Cultural Center, Pepperdine University, Highways Performance Space, the Electric Lodge, the Luckman Art Gallery at Cal State-LA, Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, the LA Convention Center, Pasadena Convention Center, Side Street Projects and Cal State-Northridge. EZTV has produced and/or lectured in the U.K., China, Finland, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand and throughout the US.

Over the years EZTV has collaborated with a number of historical figures, ranging from poet Alan Ginsberg to philosopher Dr. Timothy Leary, to collaborations with award-winning choreographer Loretta Livingston, which have screened in France and Turkey. In addition to it’s collaborative co-productions, EZTV’s insights into the curating of digital art are internationally recognized. Over the years, EZTV has curated the film and video works of artists ranging from painter David Hockney to filmmakers Robert Altman and Jean Luc-Godard. EZTV has produced international collaborations with the Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art (London) and Craotian National Radio & Television.

Among EZTV’s core group, Kate Johnson also serves on the faculty of Otis College of Art & Design, as well as on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Dance on Film. She is the recipient of Communication Arts Award of Excellence for Interactive Design, generally seen as the highest honor in its field.

EZTV’s Michael Masucci, as the chair of the DV judging panel for SIGGRAPH, and is currently LA chapter President of AIVF (the Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers) and serves on the Board of Directors for Avaz International Dance Theater ( America’s oldest Persian cultural organization). Over the years, Masucci has also served the community in a variety of ways, including member of the Board of Directors for Fringe Festival/Los Angeles and member of the Arts Advisory Board for the Los Angeles Free Clinic. A two-time winner of Producer magazine’s Top 100 Producers, Masucci also is the recipient of a national Telly Award for directing. EZTV is currently an artistic and technical advisor to the creation of the Fulbright International Center in Washington D.C.