Aska Irie
Local Artist In Residence
1653 18th Street #2, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Aska Irie, 2013, Mixed media on canvas, 58 x 40 inches

Aska Irie paints fantastical landscapes and portraits that reflect upon urban and popular culture, and her own personal life experiences, using a variety of materials, including beads, buttons, and sequins. Born and raised in Japan, Irie completed her BFA at the National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking. She has exhibited her work at La Estacion Arte Conetemporaneo in Chihuahua, Mexico, MUCA Roma in Mexico City, Gallery Lara and Geisai #13 in Tokyo, Japan, GR2 and JAUS in Los Angeles, California and Axis, in Sacramento, California.

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